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The Farm in the Dell International Foundation has worked for nearly four decades to bring a new way of life to the developmentally disabled of the world. The Farm in the Dell started in Montana and now found far and wide, give back to their communities in amazing ways. If you’ve never been to our farms, we invite you to visit at any time. 

We work hard to build community-based, self-supporting farming homes for the disabled. Our Foundation works to acquire land, build the home, begin the farm, and integrate the entirety into the local community in a way that is beneficial for both the community and the residents and workers at the farms.

A Different Way of Living

The Farm in the Dell isn’t just a group home for the developmentally disabled, it’s a different way of living for both the residents and the community. It’s so important that our residents remain vital and productive members of the community, and a Farm in the Dell is one of the best ways to achieve that goal. Our residents are given the respect they deserve, the treatment they require, the support they need, and all the love and care they could want, and in turn, they are able to help out and fulfill real needs for their communities.

The Farm in the Dell offers developmentally disabled residents lives that are fully productive and social and never marginalized. With even simple things like trips to the store, the people involved in the Farm in the Dell get to make a difference, and the residents know their neighbors, and their neighbors know them.

It truly is an uplifting place to be, and we hope to bring a Farm in the Dell to you soon!

Come Visit Our Farms

There are Farms in the Dell all over the world, from Helena, Montana in the United States to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan! If there isn’t a Farm in the Dell near you, perhaps you’d like to help us raise one in your community.


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